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What People Are Saying…..

5 Element Personal Discovery Reading:
Thank you for an amazing experience today. I have been on fire since I left you! I’m so excited to move forward with this new knowledge about myself! – C.B. Wayne, N.J.

Environmental Space & Personal Clearing:
“Do You remember when You cleared my clients house in Ridgewood in the Fall of 2010? Well since that day all disasters have stopped. No trees have fallen, no flood’s etc. yet the whole area has been decimated twice. Once with Sandy, once with the Oct.snow storm last fall 2011.” M.Kolenut, President Lincoln Landscaping Inc., Franklin Lakes, New Jersey

“What a wonderful experience. We all noticed immediate benefit from the space & personal clearing. My son became happier and slept VERY soundly. My husband said he noticed “something”, and he appeared much calmer and relaxed. I felt light, and was in bed by 9:30, and my sleep was profoundly deep. I awoke refreshed and full of energy. !!!Since then, I have experienced an increase in productivity in my networking business, with the additional revenue stream a notable benefit.
THANK YOU for impacting our lives so immensely.” -N.B. Oradell NJ

5 Element Personal Discovery Readings:
“Through the information that feng shui gives, life in our crazy world seems more predictable. Lois gentle, humours and loving way of presenting my reading is helping me embrace where I’m at, reminding me of the perfect unfolding of what’s happening now. thank you” HR Ireland

“The information that Lois presented to me in my 9 Star Ki, Feng Shui Astrology reading was quite astonishing and really, really hit home.It did help to understand more of myself so that I had a better understanding of who I exactly am and what I need. Lois thanks again for this marvelous reading.” Toon Roijers, Real Estate Agent in Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Feng Shui and Environmental Space Clearing
“Lois has brought peace and harmony into my home and into my life.  I feel more at peace now than I have felt in the last 30 years.” A.A., Maplewood, NJ

Feng Shui Classes:
“I just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed your class last week.  As an introductory class for someone just starting out, it was very enlightening.  There is much more to Feng Shui than I realized.  I will be attending your Abundance class at the end of the month.” EV Paramus New Jersey


“After attending several of Lois’ workshops on Feng Shui, I decided to have her do a home consultation for me.  I could not believe how thorough her preparation was, and how easy it was to understand the underlying reasons for the recommendations she suggested.  The atmosphere of my home is much calmer, and more welcoming to my guests.”   E. Cohen River Vale NJ

“Taking a class with Lois not only makes you feel as if you are learning something new, but that you are actually awakening to knowledge you didn’t know you had.  She is a gem!”  R.P.J.  River Vale NJ

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