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My Feng Shui Services

Feng Shui Consultations Designed For You 

 5 Element Personal Discovery Readings:
A very popular aspect of the comprehensive Feng Shui For You Consultation, these Feng Shui  “For You”Astrology assessments are now being offered separately as private sessions.

A Personal 5 Element Discovery Reading will give you insight and keen awareness of your true nature. Combining my intuitive talents as well as feng shui principles, & 5 element face reading, these assessments have proven to be an integral portion of each private consultation.

This discovery will give begin to give you insight into your true nature, why you experience life the way you – what can shift you out of balance and what you can do about it. You will also begin to understand the people in your life from a different aspect and begin to relate to them in a brand new way.

Your personal discovery reading will additionally introduce the 9 yearly cycles; explain which cycle you are currently experiencing and what is next for you in the year to come. Information including your “best directions” for optimizing your “bonus energy” aligning with nature is also included.

 Sessions starting at $198.00  for single assessment.
Additional fee for report on relationships assessment.
Contact Lois to book your appointment & for additional information


Feng Shui For You

Feng Shui Consultations, designed to fit your specific needs, Relationships, Abundance, Business, Personal and Transitions whether physical, spiritual or emotional.Each consultation begins First with Feng Shui “For You” the person, helping create the space that is perfect for you ~ creating a balance in life from the inside out.
Consultations include

  1. Brief explanation of Feng Shui
  2.  5 element personal astrology assessment for client with up to 3 additional family member’s/ occupants basic information. This interprets the energetic characteristics of the person/persons. (Additional fee for intensive profile or additional people).
  3.  Birth chart analysis for building  and recommended directions for occupants.
  4. Observation report which can include design recommendations, timing for construction and other details based on information provided by the client
  5. EMF (electro-magnetic fields ) information
  6. Environmental Energy Check – Clearing of a specific major area ( such as bedroom ) as needed

Timing of Consultation & Fees
As the consultation will be designed for the client, timing and fees to be set based on client location, square footage and specific needs.


Feng Shui Yearly Update
“All that remains constant is change
Once you have had a consultation, it is important to recognize that you as you change, your environment may need to change to support you. Yearly updates will observe your current status, how you have experienced the current year and what you can do to maximize the coming year.

Alumni Clients are those who have had a Feng Shui For You Consultation.
New Beginning Clients are those interested in a yearly update but have not yet experienced a Feng Shui For You Consultation.


Feng Shui Location Consultations
Looking for a new home or office location?
Find the location that is perfect for you.
Lois can accompany you as your visit spaces and provide information so that you can make your best decision.

Feng Shui for Selling Your Home
A Feng Shui Consultation designed for you to prepare to move from your current home as your begin to transition and move into to a new chapter in your life.

Whether you are selling your property or you may be a realtor managing the sale of a property – this is the package just for you.

In addition to feng shui recommendations to prepare the property for sale, Lois will use time tested dowsing techniques to “cleanse” & “balance” the property, so it will be ready to embrace a new owner.

All Consultations Will Be Custom-Fit – Please contact Lois to discuss your needs ~
Remote Sessions via email, phone or skype available for some services as appropriate
*Clearing is not intended to replace medical advice or needs.


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