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Visions of Sugarplums Dance in My Head!

March 20, 2013
Music gets me every time! The sounds and vibrations send me to a place.. where I create my movie of the moment. I can see it- I am usually dancing free connecting with the style of the music I am hearing , I  feel the emotions of it the moment. I smile… 
A friend shared this video, I am lifted up in a swirl of graceful movements.. aligning with the beauty of the music.. 
This video reminds me of the beauty of kindness and compassion, it touches my heart.. We all find the service of compassion we each resonate.. A dear friend has resonated with “the power of a bra” and will be collecting gently used clean bras for a special project. If you have or know anyone who would like to donate .. I will collect on her behalf at this time.. stay tuned for more details how you can donate directly.. but for now.. start preparing!

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Now! Lets All Float Along Dancing As Graceful FlowerBuds.. As the rain here on the northeast coast feeds the earth..


Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz at Hadassah Hospital
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