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“Gotta Get Up and Find Find Find….”

February 25, 2013

Words…  I am reminded through my recent studies the impact our words bring into our energy field.  It is good practice to be mindful to use words that evoke the vibration we want to create. Listening to Pink sing Try Try Try, I am choosing to sing “ Gotta Get Up and Find Find Find, Gotta Get Up  I Find That I Can Fly!  When we speak “Try” is does not create success… When we speak “Find” we Find Success!

As with email.. sometimes it can be good practice to put our emails in our draft box, then revisit to be sure we are expressing our thoughts and feelings as we intend, so with speaking, lets put out words into our minds draft box and do the same.. this lovely poem by Rumi can guide us..

“Silence is like an ocean
Speech is like a river
When the ocean is searching for you
Do not walk into the language river
Instead listen to the ocean
And bring your talky business to an end
Then wait…
Soon there will come a trembling from within
A place where words are born of silence
A place where the whispers of the heart arise”

~ Rumi

Now! Get your groove on to this groovy tune and sing your own words, you will Find that you can Fly to the heights you aspire… reaching your heart’s true desire!

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