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The Feeling of Whoosh!

May 30, 2012

When was the last time you noticed the feeling of “whoosh!”?

It may be most obvious when in a large group of people… but it is happening all around us all the time.

Last month I attended a Bruce Springsteen concert at The Prudential Center ~ my first ! The place was packed…. The “floor” (aka the hockey rink for the NJ Devils) was shoulder to shoulder with people standing… awaiting the arrival of the “boss”…  as Bruce and the E Street Band entered.. there was a “whoosh!Talk about “rising chi”! I could feel the energy rise as if I were being lifted like a “whoosh” up into the sky!

I felt it again a few weeks later, at the communion ceremony for Tom’s grandson ~ so a nice Jewish girl finds herself in church, expecting a lot of solemn words , but to my surprise… there was music and singing & everyone celebrating… smiling & bursting with energy – it felt like a “whoosh  right there in the pew.

Then 2 weeks ago – 2 very special children arrived, my niece gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on a Friday evening and Tom’s daughter gave birth to a precious baby boy the following morning…. Now that brings a real “whoosh” …  a simple joy of feeling an abundance of pure love…. Baby-Love… peaceful, sweet, yet oh so powerful

Noticing the “whoosh” is a wonderful experience.. if we pay attention to what is going on around us, smile into the grace of the day, it connects us to this feeling.. lifting us up with joy, “whoosh”  ~ from nature’s beauty of a single flower to the profound love of someone before you…

So, as you are reading this, take a moment, breathe into your brilliance, experience the beauty of the collective consciousness you are a part of creating ~ so simple.. yet so powerful…. Nothing to do but just focus your breath and breathe.. “whoosh”


“It only takes a moment to take a breath..
It only takes a moment to become inspired
Sometimes the things we least expect bring the brightest inspiration”
Lois Kramer-Perez

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